The Römermauer, After Renovations

Back in January of 2012, I noticed the Römermauer for the first time.  The Römermauer is a section of Roman wall from the original Castra Regina (“fortress by the river Regen”) which was built around 179 AD, during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.  It’s right behind the McDonald’s on Maximilianstraße, whickh is kind of nifty.

Here’s what it looked like back in 2012:


Over the last few months, the fortress wall has been fenced off for some minor renovations, and now I know why.  The city put a walkway up around the side and back, enhanced the walkways around the wall, and generally made it a bit more tourist-friendly.

fortress01 fortress02 fortress03 fortress04


4 thoughts on “The Römermauer, After Renovations

  1. I love the Roman ruins…well I love any ruins actually. But walking around town or in the hills, past the towers and the berms where the giant wood fences once stood….it is hard to believe that there were so many soldiers, so far from home, trying to defend the line between civilized and uncivilized. It was so long ago, but their legacy so very present.


  2. Robert

    I like the thought of standing, where (almost) 2000 years ago people stood already – this always fascinates me.
    The pictures look nice, can’t wait to see it in real! 🙂


  3. Amelie

    I was going to do something terribly snarky, like send you a picture of the back of *my* McDonalds, but 1. I love Roman ruins, and they are too awe-inspiring for snark. 2. The back of my McDonalds is terrifying. 😉

    These are great, as usual.


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