Nuremberg Christkindlmarkt

I decided a while back that I wanted to see the Nuremberg Christmas Market this year.  The Nuremberg market is one of the most famous, and it’s a big attraction for tourists.   It sees about two million visitors a year.   This is what it looked like at around 5pm on a very rainy Saturday night.


It was pretty difficult to move up and down the aisles because of the volume of people visiting.  This was more crowded than my visit to Oktoberfest, although that was a weekday rather than a Saturday.


It’s held in the Hauptmarkt, a large courtyard between a big church and a big pointy fountain in the Nürnberg Altstadt.  This is the fountain:


There are booths and decorations on all the connecting streets as well.  This little fellow was in front of a store.


The market has the usual things you find in any Christmas market – hot nuts, Lebkuchen, Bratwurst, handmade goods, and Glühwein.


Nuremberg also sports the world’s largest flaming punch bowl.  I took some pictures of the flaming punch bowl, but they really didn’t come out very well so they won’t be included here.


While I was there, a German chorus was singing English Christmas music in front of the Church.


When I stopped for a closer look, the director (in the red cowboy shaped hat) asked the audience if there were any Americans in the audience.  He seemed disappointed with the lack of response-  apparently the Americans are usually noisier.


Perhaps it’s because all the Americans were enjoying the Glühwein-  Nuremberg had the white variety seen here.  It’s not quite as sweet as the usual red wine flavors of Glühwein, but it was very delicious.  A hot steaming mug of this was enough to make me forget it was raining the entire time I was at the market.


What is the most crowded event or festival you have visited?

5 thoughts on “Nuremberg Christkindlmarkt

  1. Stuttgart’s Weihnachtsmarkt on a Saturday is pretty crazy. But when you are local, you know the place, the secret short cuts, the best booths for this and that. So when we appeased Grandma and flew to Orlando of Christmas, I felt quit at ease with Disney World at capacity.

    Imagine our surprise, Disney World actually closes when they hit a certain number of visitors. First day we were rejected….I explained to the man at the gate…do you realize I just flew over an ocean to experience the magic of Disney? He smiled, was polite, and directed us to the bus for Animal Kingdom. We made it in Disney World the next day, but got there right at the opening.

    Merry Christmas from Hessen!


  2. I went to the Nuremberg market on opening day the first year I moved here. We arrived right downtown at the time the Angel came out to speak so we were stuck, non moving for almost 45 min in a horrible crowd. I did get some funny videos with my friends though 🙂


  3. Jealous! I’d love to go – but I do hate big crowds. I can only stand the Frankfurt Christmas market because there’s a small clear space that (apparently) only Nintendo people know about!

    I went to Universal Studios Japan on Christmas Eve (the Japanese Valentine’s day) one year with my then boyfriend. It was PACKED. Never again.


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