Tasty Donuts In Regensburg

I was walking with a friend near the Hauptbahnhof recently, when we stumbled (almost literally) across this sign:


The Dunkin Donuts brand has made it’s way to some of Germany’s larger cities, and I go out of my way to eat there whenever I’m in Frankfurt or Berlin. (The Pflaumenmus, plum jelly, is absolutely delicious.) Dunkin has thus far failed to reach Regensburg, however.  Up until now, the only place that really had Donuts in town was McDonald’s McCafe, and I use the word donut very generously when speaking of McDonald’s.   The bakeries in Bavaria all serve Krapfen at certain times of the year, but a Krapfen isn’t quite the same thing as a Donut.  It’s very similar, but it’s not quite the same.

Enter Tasty Donuts & Coffee, a German chain that tries to mimic the success of Dunkin Donuts.   I have now tried their “6’er Box.”  They have a “12’er Box,” but I’m eating these without assistance and twelve is just too many for me alone.


Here’s my selections.  I prefer the unfilled to the filled donuts, but they were all pretty darn tasty-

  • Top row: Classic, Rasberry Kiss, Tasty Cream.
  • Bottom row:  Classic, Peanut & Jelly (filled with a peanut flavored filling), and “Schokoloco” (filled with a chocolate cream.)

All in all, these were very tasty and I’m pleased as cake donuts that we have one in Regensburg now.


What’s your favorite local donut shop?


8 thoughts on “Tasty Donuts In Regensburg

  1. We have Tasty Donuts in Bamberg as well. They´re okay, but I can´t see myself going there again, as DD is in Erlangen. YIPPEEE! TD has a strange Popcorn flavor as well, with Popcorn on it. What the what??? We also have the “whitey” and “blacky” flavors that would NOT go over well in the States. At all.


      1. Admittedly, Germans don’t see it as a politically correct thing, they just see it as a descriptive word. It always cracks me up when i go to the Media Markt or Saturn- a rack of CDs which would be labelled as Hip-Hop or Rap in the US here is just called “Black Music.”

        Cracks me up every time.


  2. Where about in Rgbg is it? The pavement looks like that next to the post office, but I´m not quite sure.
    Damn you, now I want to try those donuts, they look delicious… and I wanted to get in shape. “Pech gehabt” 😉


    1. You almost had it- it’s across the street from the post office next to the Bahnhof. I think the occasional donut treat is not a deterrent to good shape.


  3. We have Monkey Donuts here in Hamburg. But I’ve recently realized that I don’t like them as much as Dunkin’ Donuts because they use melted chocolate on top instead of frosting. I miss the frosting!


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