Palmator 2014

Every year, on Palm Sunday, the Prösslbräu Brewery in Adlersberg has a one-day festival called Palmator, a celebration of their dark, strong bock beer of the same name.  On this day each year, the Palmator is first served from the brewery’s kegs.  On an unrelated note, any time I put anything about this brewery into Google Translate, I have to giggle.  Adlersberg is the name of the place where the brewery stands, but it literally translates to Eagle Mountain.  This amuses me greatly.

The first year I was here, I attended Palmator and was blown away by how strong the stuff is- and how delicious.  Last year I skipped it because we weren’t done with our seven months of winter and the temperatures were below freezing.  This year, the weather was perfect.   I went with some friends, and we walked up the hill.  It’s possible to get there without walking up this hill, but where’s the fun in that?


We had pretty spectacularly nice weather.  This is the view from the top of that same hill.


They changed the layout since the first year I went to Palmator.  There was much more tent coverage before, whereas now they’ve done away with the tent and left more beer garden style seating out in the open.  This is much nicer, actually, particularly if the weather is rocking like this.


This is the beer in question-  the Palmator.  It is absolutely delicious, and extremely deadly.  This glass is a Maß, or one full liter of the stuff.  By the end of the glass, I was quite buzzed.  The giant pretzel was soft and fresh and delicious.


When the tables got full, blankets became the next best way to enjoy the day.  Our group brought blankets because my friends are smart like that.


Another popular thing is to sit on the wall.  At certain points, the wall is well above my head, but people still clamber up onto it to sit and enjoy their Palmator in the sun.


Have you ever been to Palmator?  Have you been to any Starkbierfest?


4 thoughts on “Palmator 2014

    1. Amelie

      Haha! That was my question, too! 😛 Or were you, and you got camera-shy? Are there secret lederhosen pictures? Also, giant pretzels are on my “things I need to do every day while I visit” list.


  1. Robert

    I’ve been to Palmator quite some times – the most I had were 4 maß, but that was like 15 years ago and I was completely wasted then…
    The decision to put up a tent completely relies on the guessing of the owner – if the thinks the weather will be fine (he has to do that like a week in advance) no tent will be used.


  2. jennnanigans

    MAN! This makes me miss Old Germany, the first German restaurant I ever ate at. It was our “Winchester,” and had AMAZING food. I mean obviously I’d love to go experience the real thing as you are but money, jobs, boring reasons etc.

    But that GIANT mug of sexy dark beer just made me want some like whoa.


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