The Art of the Brick

When my friend Charlotte was in New York, she went to an Art of The Brick exhibit.  She posted about it on her old blog back in April.

Art of the Brick is an exhibition of art by Nathan Sawaya.  Rather, it’s a series of exhibitions.  There are currently exhibitions in New York, Miami, and Dublin.  I caught the Brussels exhibit in its last weekend there.  Everything in the pictures below is made of Lego brick.

artofthebrick-1 artofthebrick-2 artofthebrick-3 artofthebrick-4 artofthebrick-5 artofthebrick-6 artofthebrick-7 artofthebrick-8 artofthebrick-9 artofthebrick-10 artofthebrick-11 artofthebrick-12 artofthebrick-13 artofthebrick-14 artofthebrick-15 artofthebrick-16 artofthebrick-17 artofthebrick-18

What’s the biggest Lego kit you’ve ever built?


11 thoughts on “The Art of the Brick

  1. bunny42

    I’m surprised they let you take pictures. Most museums don’t, for whatever reason. Thanks for the heads-up about Miami. It’s actually in Hollywood, through August 14th.


  2. Amelie

    I put together a Lego AT-AT walker. Julio helped a lot, so I have to give him credit. It took forever! I have no idea where it went. Cool pictures!


  3. Wow, those are amazing! Human creativity and ingenuity is just fascinating… My almost 2-year old niece loves Lego; I’m hoping she’ll be the first engineer or architect in our family!


    1. bunny42

      I thought about that. I’m sure he designs them and builds the prototype, but I’ll bet he has “people” to reproduce them over and over again.


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