Chapter Two.

It’s been a little more than two months since my last post.  I said that I wasn’t sure if I would come back, and that I had no plans to restart the blog.  I’ve come to realize that was short-sighted.

I’ve missed writing, even though sometimes it feels like a chore and I don’t always have stuff to talk about.   The thing is, when I do have stuff to talk about, I’m excited to write here.  I missed you guys.    And I do have stuff to talk about, even if it’s not as travel-filled as it used to be.

Just yesterday, I had a thing that made me want to blog.  I went to the eye doctor for the first time in about four years.  The last time I had my eyes examined was just before I moved to Germany in late 2011.   Since that time, everything in that office has changed.  The plaza was ripped up and new stores were built.  The eye doctor’s place of business moved to a new office a few doors down, with a completely rebuilt floor plan.   They added more doctors and added a bunch of recent optometry technology.   My favorite piece of new tech is this digital camera that takes wide photographs of the inside of your eyes.  This isn’t new technology, but it’s new to me, and it’s utterly fascinating.   This is my left eye, as of Wednesday afternoon.


The photograph shows the inside of my eye.  You can see the optic cup, as well as the blood vessels running through my eye.  The black slashes at the bottom edge are actually my eye-lashes.  The whole thing looks a great deal like some sort of fantastic nebula, and I halfway expect Voyager to come swooshing by at any moment.

Pretty nifty, eh?

So:  I’m back.  I can’t sustain the frequency of posts that I used to run, but I’ll definitely write here whenever I want to share a neat photograph or talk about something that’s on my mind.   Onward!

So, how have you all been?


13 thoughts on “Chapter Two.

  1. Bunny R

    Hi, there! Interesting that you should re-appear today. I was just telling Sean about a place I heard about in Boynton Beach called Green Cay Wetlands. When I saw pictures on Wikipedia, I thought I recalled one of your blog posts, where you were taking pictures of a bird on the railing of the wooden walkway? Was that Green Cay? Anyway, welcome back! I look forward to seeing your wonderful photographs again.

    Bunny R.


    1. Good memory- Green Cay is one of the first places I went in 2008 after I got a dSLR. I have many photographs of the wildlife from that day, including a bird on the wooden railing.


  2. That is amazing! What a cool picture. At the Christmas market in my neighborhood last year, they were doing iris scans that you could have printed out poster-size. But that’s not anywhere near as cool as this. How did the check go? Everything good with your eyes?

    I recently showed your post on Miniatur Wunderland to a group of students. You have such great pictures of that!

    Glad to see you’re back, in whatever capacity that may be! 🙂


    1. Aww, I love that you’re using my stuff for edumacational purposes!

      My eyes are fine; I’m getting new lenses for my spectacles though. This visit was pretty routine “you’re in your forties” stuff.


  3. Whoa – such a pretty photo – looks like it should be in a gallery! I’m glad you’re back. I didn’t blog for nearly two weeks and I felt such guilt and sadness at not being able to keep it up, but I feel like blogging goes in waves – sometimes we write every day and other times we just need to sort out the rest of our lives. I always enjoy reading your posts and I agree that I miss blogging when I’m too busy/ lazy. I’m going to not stress about it and just write when I feel like it/ can. I want to get my own eye photo too by the way – haha!


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