Drug Name or Sci-Fi Alien?

I watch a lot of television. Because of that, I see a lot of commercials. Over and over again, I see the same commercials. Little by little, they drill their way past my disinterest to lodge brand names in my forebrain.

The worst of them are the drug commercials, with their happy people living happy lives. It’s rare that you can actually tell what condition a drug treats from the commercial alone- there’s a lot of couples walking on the beach, a lot of people playing with their children, a lot of people biking and hiking and dancing.

The mystery of what the drugs are for isn’t what got my attention though, it’s the names of the drugs. The names in these commercials are so multisyllabic and ridiculous that I started to play a little game with myself: Is this a drug from a pharmaceutical commercial, or an alien race from science fiction?

I think this is really funny, so I started to keep a list on my phone. I got this far along before I stopped:

The really ridiculous part is that I made this list a few months ago, and I’ve actually forgotten some of the alien species I added to the list.

What do you think, drug name or alien species?

44/52 (and 23 of 30!)


11 thoughts on “Drug Name or Sci-Fi Alien?

    1. I’m not even getting into the medicines themselves- I’m sure some of them are excellent. I just find the names hilarious. Someone earned a paycheck making up these names. I find that astonishing.

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  1. Ever seen Dude Where’s My Car? In it, the aliens keep saying…the name of their leader? or the name of their planet? I can’t remember. And they do this little hand-arm gesture as they say it. Anywhoo, every time I hear Xeljanz, I think of those dear aliens.

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