Visions Of Star Wars

Just before I went to Japan, I started looking into shows and events and interesting things to see in Tokyo.  One of the first things I learned was that there was a Star Wars: Visions exhibit in Roppongi Hills from late April until late June.    My colleague and I hit the train before work one day, to see the exhibit.   There were advertisements in the train stations.


Before we went all the way into the tower, we stopped for a quick breakfast.  It turns out that Seattle-based Tully’s Coffee has a presence in Tokyo, and they make very tasty pastries.  I think this was an apple based pastry, if I remember correctly.  It was quite good.


Mori Tower was our next stop.  This is where the Star Wars exhibit was being held, as well as a Naruto exhibit which we did not visit.


On the walk into Mori Tower, there’s a giant spider thing.  Fun!


If you’re not sure that you’re headed in the right direction, just look for a sign.


I’m not really a fan of most anime, but it looks like Naruto fans would have really enjoyed this nearby exhibit.


The exhibits are held on the top floors of Mori Tower, which means you get a pretty spectacular view of the city looking out toward Tokyo Tower, the one that looks like a red Eiffel Tower.  I’ll get to Tokyo Tower in another post.


Star Wars: Visions is an exhibit of artifacts from the Star Wars universe, as well as some new art pieces.  The artifacts were far more interesting to me than the art.

First, you have to get past more giant signs though.


Once you get inside, one of the first things you see is the Death Star!


Here’s a Darth Vader figure in his regeneration chamber.


There was a life-sized Darth Vader lightsaber duel set-up on the roof for you to pick up a lightsaber and get a good photo against the Tokyo skyline.  However, that part of the exhibit was closed when we were there.  (Dang it, it looks cool!)


We didn’t get to fight a Sith lord, but we did get to see almost every light-saber in the Star Wars film universe.


And models!  Lots of tiny lit up models of ships!


The level of detail on these ships is amazing.


So much goodness can be seen here.


Look, it’s a recreation of the two second scene in Jedi when you see a shuttle landing on Endor!


In case you ever wanted to see the individual components of Vader’s mask, here they are.  I’ve always been curious about the little brown postage-stamps that ring the face-mask.  I can see now that they’re covered in circuitry, which makes total sense to me.


I believe this is an original Boba Fett costume and Han-sicle.


This is an original Han Solo blaster prop.


…and this is actual C3PO and R2-D2 costumes.


On the way out, there’s some rather nifty art in a lucite box.


Have you ever seen a Star Wars exhibit?   What was your favorite artifact?

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