The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis

I thought it might be nice to take a quick break from Japan to show you art in Minnesota.  While I was in Minneapolis, I took some time to visit the Walker Art Center.  I particularly liked the sculpture garden.


This piece is called Spoonbridge and Cherry, and it was designed by a husband and wife team in the 1980s.  I just like it because it’s an enormous spoon.


I don’t have commentary for every photograph.  I really like sculpture though.




This is the outside of the Walker, showcasing the displays that were ongoing while I was there.  The Walker was celebrating 75 years while I was visiting, so there were two different “75 years” themed installations.  International Pop  covered the emergence of Pop art from the 1950s to the early 1970s.


I like the little round grass patches in front of the building.


This item was part of the “75 Gifts for 75 Years” exhibition.

There was a sign on the floor stating that you should take selfies here and post them to social media with the tag #AtTheWalker.  I am a slave to trendiness.  Also, I’m partial to this piece because I have a tiny metal version of this piece at home, which I’ve had for years because it came from my grandmother’s house when she passed away.


I think I saw these in the lighting section at Ikea.


It was all done with mirrors!


I read recently about the artist who does these bendy trucks actually getting a parking ticket on his art installation in the city of Karlsruhe, Germany.  That’s hilarious.


Um.  America!


Whatever your artistic preferences, it’s important to beeeeee yourself.


I like the pieces that are sort of political-cartoonish.


I also like the pieces that are kind of random.   That tiger must have had a really good idea!


This bit here made me hungry…


This was one of the most showcased items in the Pop art exhibit.


I thought this metal pressed newspaper was amazing.


…made you look!


I like the classic sci-fi feel to this bit of wall art.


There was a film explaining this piece-  the artist Yves Klein got naked models to dip themselves in blue paint and then press themselves against the canvas.


Do you have a favorite sculpture?  Have you ever been to the Walker Art Center?


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  1. Seems that the ‘love’ picture and the spoon/cherry picture is requisite of everyone who visits the Twin Cities. 🙂 Great pics though… the Walker is great way to spend a day!


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