The London Film Museum

My previous post about London led to a conversation with a friend about London, and I wanted to look at the pictures I posted in my blog post about the London Film Museum. When I went to look for the post, I discovered to my vast surprise that I never wrote a post about the London Film Museum, I only wrote a paragraph in one of my previous London posts. In August of 2012, I said the following in a longer post about London:

I quite enjoyed the London Film Museum, which had a lot of neat stuff, including Daleks, a TARDIS, the superman suit from Superman Returns, the Batman Begins batsuit, and a large variety of props from other movies.  There was an entire room of Harry Potter stuff, and a large exhibit dedicated to Ray Harryhausen, including a full sized original Bubo.  This was a highlight for me.

That’s it- just that one paragraph. All the pictures I took at the museum, which I thought I had posted years ago, were still unshared. I will now correct that oversight.

When I visited the London Film Museum, it was in a section of County Hall, right near Westminster Bridge, close to the London Eye along the Thames River. I have since learned that it moved to a location in Covent Garden in April of 2012- my visit was in July of 2012, so I suspect the museum was still moving, and I saw only a fraction of the entire exhibit. What I did see was pretty dang cool though.

Harry Potter props and costumes- A variety of items were present here, including some costumes, the Tri-Wizard cup, and Harry’s Nimbus 2000.

Star Wars stuff – London is the home of Pinewood Studios, which has been a production facility for most of the Star Wars films. There were a few Star Wars artifacts on hand during my visit. I saw much more at the Star Wars exhibit in Tokyo a few years later.

Alien – They had a sculpture of a Xenomorph and some facehuggers from the Alien franchise.

Doctor Who – A film museum in England would naturally have some Doctor Who items. Not as much as the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, but still- a Tardis and a handful of Daleks were still neat to see.

Superman and Batman – Pinewood has a long history with DC Comics, and there weer a number of Superman and Batman artifacts on hand. First up, some costumes!

Next, we have part of the ship that brought Kal to earth in Superman (1978) and a newspaper from Superman II.

Braveheart, Hellraiser, and various animation – The Dangermouse cardboard stand was my favorite in this part.

The Ray Harryhausen Exhibit – This was my favorite part, to be honest- they had a special exhibit in plae called “Ray Harryhausen: Myths and Legends.” It contained various items from Harryhausen’s stop-motion work, but I was most interested in the Clash of the Titans items, particularly the full-sized Bubo the Owl!

Have you ever been to a film museum? What’s your favorite prop that you’ve seen in person?



[Stone Cold Brunchin’] – Bat-breakfast At Waffleworks

Of all the meals, brunch is my favorite.  I never want to wake up early enough for a proper breakfast, and lunch is usually stuck in the middle of doing other things.  Brunch is a graceful compromise, however, and it never fails to cheer me up.  Plus, it’s yummy.

With that in mind, I’ve decided that some of my posts moving forward will be  tagged with [Stone Cold Brunchin’] in the subject line.  I’m not turning this into a food blog all the time, but I do love to share interesting breakfasty places.

This first one will be kind of shaky though.  I’m going to talk about the amusingly named Waffleworks in Hollywood, Florida.  However,  I didn’t know I was going to do this when I ate there, so I don’t actually have any pictures of the food.    I have only three photos from Waffleworks.

The first is of the receipt-  yes, the car on the receipt is a vintage Batmobile.  There’s a bunch of Batman memorabilia from the Adam West/Burt Ward years on the walls, and I’m a little miffed that I didn’t get any pictures of that.  The Waffleworks site has a gallery of newspaper clippings with photos of some of it, though.


The owner is a collector of scale model cars, and they adorn the walls of the entire place in lucite racks.  You can see a few of them in this photograph.  You could easily spend an hour or two just studying the walls.


Oh, and the Batman stuff isn’t limited to the walls-  this is the door to the bathrooms.  I found this to be extremely amusing.


Oh yeah, and the food was pretty decent also.

Waffleworks can be found at:

3265 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, FL 33021
Open 7am-3pm every day.