At The Closing Of The Year

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, or Silvester to the locals. They’re not directly analogous. Silvester is a religious holiday, the Feast Day of Pope Sylvester I. They both fall on December 31st, though. It’s traditional at this time of year to take a look back and see what you’ve accomplished over the last twelve months.

I visited these places that were new to me:

I repeat visited a few places:

  • Frankfurt a bunch of times.
  • Mannheim
  • The United States twice, once in March and once in November.
  • London twice.
  • Nuremberg and Munich countless times because they’re the closest large cities and neat stuff happens here.

I saw some great concerts and shows:

I had some new experiences:

I had some other things happen that were interesting:

Did you have a good year? What’s the most memorable thing you did this year?


7 thoughts on “At The Closing Of The Year

    1. Thanks! I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you as well.

      I kind of overdid it in 2013- I’m not likely to travel quite as much in the coming year. I still have some stuff on my checklist before I leave in October though. (Including Frankfurt in February for the Gary Numan concert… I’ll message you closer to then to see about meeting you and your guy for dinner again.)


  1. Amelie

    You always talk about going places, but I’ve never realized how many places you have been to until I saw it all together, like this. You deserve the gold seal for Most Travelly Year. And a nap. Happy New Year. 🙂 *hugs*


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